“Ramadhan food drive set to help needy”

Courtesy of Leicester Mercury

“A special food drive has been held in the city by the Federation of Muslim Organisations during the month of Ramadhan.

It was held in association with the Islamic Society of Britain, LIA Relief Trust and Madani Schools Federation and was supported by Leicester South MP Jon Ashworth.

It took place at Leicester’s Madani Schools’ Federation, in Evington Valley Road, from 2pm to 7pm on Saturday.

A food drive is held during Ramadhan, as the Holy Month is not just a time of fasting, but a time for putting into practice selflessness.

Jon said: “I would like to thank the Federation of Muslim Organisations and the other groups for putting in place this important food drive.

“I know from experience that there are people in my constituency that will benefit from this and I’m thankful.”

Residents were asked to bring tinned and packet food, pasta, rice, instant soup and noodle packets, cereals, tea and sugar.”

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