Jon Ashworth MP and Police Officers join the fasting

The Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) are warmed to hear that the MP for Leicester South and two officers from Spinney Hill Police station have taken up a day of fasting as part of Ramadhan.

Jon Ashworth MP who also fasted last year, was present for Suhoor (breakfast to start the fast) at Masjid Umar and also attended the Iftaar (fast breaking) at Masjid Al Falah. 

Sophie Slatford and Kayleigh Hubbard from Spinney Hill Police Station were also present and commented on what a challenging day it had been, how they missed water but that the evening feast had been worth it.

Suleman Nagdi of the FMO said, “I am deeply humbled by the commitment of our friends who fasted. This shows empathy with many who are undertaking the fast this year especially because of the length of time. Well done to all!”

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