Halal School Meals

The Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) is pleased to inform you that following a lengthy period of negotiation and discussions between the FMO, Muslim Parents Association Leicester (MPAL) and Leicester City Council; halal school meals are set to be reintroduced in schools across the City in the new academic term.

This is as a result of close joint working between all partners to develop a locally agreed specification and processes which will be used to procure and monitor the provision of halal meat in schools that are under the jurisdiction of Leicester City Council.

The FMO wish to reiterate that the work undertaken has no bearing on the provision of meals for children and families who choose not to partake in halal meals and that it is our firm belief that choice, well being and the safeguarding of all children, regardless of belief or tradition is paramount.

To view the decision made by Leicester City Council, please click the following link – 


The Federation of Muslim Organisations has facilitated this process and would like to thank our partners for their cooperation. We would urge families and young people who have concerns to seek guidance from trusted sources and scholars before making a decision to partake in halal school meals.


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