Press release – Abbatoir revelations and animal welfare

Following media reports including a CCTV video of the savage attacks on animals at the Bowood Abattoir in Yorkshire, the Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) strongly condemns the violent and cruel actions witnessed and calls for action to be taken against the individuals involved.

Suleman Nagdi, Public Relations Officer for the FMO said today, “Religious slaughter in Islam as with Judaism requires upholds compassion and high standards of animal welfare. These images clearly contradict the principles of religious preparation which includes respectable conduct such as wholesome nutrition, comfortable transportation and not causing the animal distress especially in the moments before slaughter. The video shows that considerable distress was caused to the animals by abusing them. 

“I appeal to the Food Standards Agency to work towards putting appropriate safeguards in place to ensure that such abhorrent actions are never repeated and to licence appropriate authorities to monitor abattoirs. The Muslim community purchases halal items in trust and the actions of a few have contravened this trust”.



For more information:
Suleman Nagdi 07759 446 555

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