Bomb found outside Aisha Mosque in Walsall

Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) is shocked and horrified at the development in Walsall where a homemade bomb was found outside the Aisha Mosque. 
FMO spokesperson Suleman Nagdi said ‘This is a truly worrying development and underlines the threat that all communities face from the evil phenomenon that is violent extremism. It is a great relief that the bomb was not detonated and innocent people from all backgrounds were not harmed. We urge communities to remain calm and vigilant whilst allowing the Police to continue their investigations in bringing the perpetrators of this vile act to justice. 
‘Furthermore, we are concerned over the media’s reporting of this event and the fact that the media have failed to use the words ‘terrorism’ or ‘extremism’ to describe the crime, which is surprising given that the regional counter-terrorism unit is part of the investigation process. We must work hard together to ensure that the media stops the compartmentalisation of crime and correctly reports all acts of terrorism and extremism regardless of which community is the victim of such acts.’

Suleman Nagdi MBE DL 
07759 446555 

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