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Mosques have always welcomed members of the public to their premises, we at the FMO have personally accompanied dozens of public sector workers and facilitated school visits to learn about mosques and for people to witness the Muslim prayer, however since 2015, mosques around the country have opened their doors to the local community (and any curious passersby) as part of Visit My Mosque day.

The day gives people of all faiths and none a chance to learn about these places of worship, chat with their neighbours and form connections they might have otherwise missed out on. Anyone who takes part is encouraged to ask questions about Islam, share a meal with their neighbours and generally get to know the people around them.

This year, Visit My Mosque day takes place on Sunday 3rd March 2019, and we would love you to be a part of it.

For us, the mosque is not only a place of worship but a focal point of our community. By inviting friends, family, and strangers inside, we can build bridges between one another that can last a lifetime.

Despite the stories we hear in the news, we have much more in common than we think. Sometimes all it takes to realise this is a casual conversation. This is why we love Visit My Mosque day, as it often serves as a simple answer to complex questions about cultural and religious differences.

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Moreover, the day often reveals moving stories about our shared capacity for good. We have many stories to tell and with nearly a dozen Leicester mosques taking part in the seventh edition this year be sure to join us! We guarantee there’ll be good conversation, plenty of tea and a high chance of delicious food.

And one last thing—don’t forget to post about Visit My Mosque day on social media in the run-up to the event. Let’s spread the word! Use the hashtag #VisitMyMosque and be sure to tag us on Twitter (@FMO_Leics), and we would love to see your photos from the day!

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