Syria Aid Awareness

We recently welcomed Sir Vincent Fean, a distinguished former ambassador who most recently held the post of UK Consul General to Jerusalem. 

Sir Vincent sat down for a discussion with Suleman Nagdi MBE about a wide range of issues related to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Syria and the UK’s response, as well as wider issues in the Middle East.

The positive, wide-ranging discussion highlighted the beneficial impact that the UK government’s £600m of humanitarian aid is having on the ground in Syria, and emphasised the positive difference that has been made to the lives of the Syrian people by the generosity of the UK public donating to registered UK charities. Their conversation also emphasised the risks of donating to unregistered charities where the money may not be used properly for humanitarian support.

It was clear from the discussions in Leicester that the dire humanitarian situation in Syria would continue to demand a strong response from the UK government and the public – and it was clear that the way forward was for the UK government to continue to provide humanitarian relief through UK Aid, whilst communities across the country work together to raise money to support the vital work of the UK-registered, established charities operating on the ground to improve the lives of the Syrian people. 

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