Press Release – Release of Moazzam Begg from detention

2nd October 2014

The Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) has received requests for clarification from affiliates and key members of the community regarding the detention of Moazzam Begg who was held for eight months in custody awaiting trial and who was released without further charge.

In the weeks and months to come the circumstances surrounding this case will become more apparent, until such time, some concerns are bound to remain amongst the community, particularly in light of the recent announcement by the Home Secretary of new powers.

At this time, whilst we welcome the collective challenge of any individuals who are proven to profess hate and division, we must not lose sight of free speech which in balance allows us to expose such negative ideologies. Furthermore, we must also remind ourselves of the Great British justice system and the intrinsic values of human rights, equality and justice which are central doctrines in our democratic society. These doctrines permeate the notion that laws should apply equally to all, and that everyone should have the right to a fair trial.

We are mindful of the utmost importance that confidence in the justice system must prevail and that the rule of law continues to be the guiding principle in our democratic society, such that everyone is judged by the same core principles of law and justice. 

We are appreciative that the essence of these guiding principles appears to have prevailed.


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