One Voice Community Event

13 March 2015

On Thursday 12th March 2015, in association with the Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) and Madani Extended Schools Service team, an event took place with One Voice Europe, a movement consisting of young Israeli and Palestinians working together to promote peace and better understanding of the principles of conflict resolution.

One Voice is an international group working at ground level to help the voices of Palestinians and Israelis calling for peace to be heard. They are working towards trying to find a solution to end conflict in Israel/Palestine and ensure peace between Israelis and Palestinians. They are based in Palestine, Israel, USA and Europe. One Voice believe that violence is not the solution to any conflict and try to encourage everyday people to play a role in working to create political conditions to help end the conflict and occupation in Palestine.

One Voice came to Madani School with young Palestinian and Israeli ambassadors working to create peace and inform the world that Palestinians and Israelis also want peace. Pupils from Madani were part of discussions and talks from One Voice to understand the conflict better and analyse solutions that were put up for discussion. The pupils also engaged in discussions about the solutions to end the conflict and shared their views to One Voice making their voice and opinions heard. The event helped young people take a more active interest in resolving conflicts and look for positive solutions, rather than simply taking sides.

Suleman Nagdi from the FMO said “This event holds great promise and allows everyone to hope that one day, in the not too far future, there will be peace in the Holy Land and all conflicts will be resolved thanks to the efforts put in by organisations such as One Voice.”



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