Press release from Jon Ashworth MP

Member of Parliament for Leicester South

22 July 2014


Jon Ashworth MP to fast for a day as part of Ramadan

Jon Ashworth, Labour MP for Leicester South, will be fasting for the day on Thursday24 July as part of Ramadan. Jon has completed a day’s fast the last two yearsduring Ramadan, and will be repeating the experience this year.

Speaking before his fast, Jon said:

“Ramadan is such an important time for so many families across my Constituency. I want to show my support to the local community, but more than that, I want to experience Ramadan for myself again.”

Jon will start the day early in the morning with Sehri at Masjid Umar Mosque on Evington Drive. He will then fast for the day, breaking his fast with dates and water, Iftar, at Masjid Al Falah on Keythorpe Street.

Jon commented further:

“I’ll be fasting for the whole day, but like many Muslims I’ll go about my day as usual. I know that I will find it difficult at times during the day, but I want to take part inRamadan in my own small way.”

– ends –

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