Press release – Britain First actions condemned

14th May 2014

Recent intrusions to masjids (mosques) by a far right group in some areas of the UK have been condemned by the Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) as irresponsible and highly provocative.

Suleman Nagdi, Public Relations Officer for the FMO said, “The actions of the Britain First group when they entered masjids and intimidated members of the congregation will do nothing to help build better relations between communities. All places of worship are sacred spaces and must be treated with respect and courtesy. The aggressive manner in which members conducted themselves falls below any civilized standard. I hope that faith community partners in the areas affected continue to work together to ensure that marginal groups do not split the unity which we cherish and enjoy in our country. The Christian Muslim partnership on interfaith matters is longstanding, successful and robust. I’m sure that churches and church leaders will distance themselves from a group which is claiming to act in their name”.


For more information:
Suleman Nagdi MBE DL 
Tel: 0775 9446 555

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