Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service Joint Initiative

AAWrWbr Dear Respected Affiliate,

Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service Joint Initiative ‘when you really need us, will we be able to reach you?’

In a recent meeting with senior colleagues from Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service at Eastern Fire Station, we discussed the common issue of inappropriate car parking in the surrounding areas of Highfields, Spinney Hills and Belgrave areas of Leicester.

As you are no doubt aware parking, particularly on or near corners, is increasingly popular and could have the potential to cause a fire engine serious delays in attending an emergency incident promptly. The obvious consequences of this could be catastrophic for people and residents of the affected areas, should an incident such as a house or building fire occur in which people are trapped.

In light of this the Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service have initiated a joint campaign, educating people in local communities of the potential problems that inconsiderate parking may cause.

The initiative will culminate on Saturday March 7th within the identified areas. With the support of the Police and Parking Wardens, any obstructive or illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed or removed. As stated, the main aim is educating local communities within these areas to the dangers and consequences of inconsiderate parking to fellow residents and the wider community.

As an affiliate you kindly requested to support the campaign by:

·      Reiterating the aforementioned message to your congregation of our duty as Muslims and to protect each other from harm as citizens.

·      Placing the poster (attached herewith) for attendees and congregation to your institution.

·      Share the message via your friends, families, contacts and colleagues via word of mouth, e-mail, messages and social media.

·      When you park, please ensure that:

o   You leave extra room near tight corners

o   Do NOT park on double yellow lines

o   Check that there is enough space for a fire engine (and indeed all emergency vehicles) to pass

o   Park as close to the kerb as possible

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM and thank you kindly jazakAllah khair for your continued support.


Riyaz Laher

Chair, Federation of Muslim Organisations

On behalf of the FMO and Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service


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