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Policy on Political Elections
17th February 2024
Statement on Dhirendra Shastri award and Hindutva
4th August 2023
Update on FMO Open Letter on Leicester Riots 2022 Independent Inquiry
31st May 2023
FMO Open Letter on Leicester Riots 2022 Independent Inquiry
30th May 2023
The Nakba – النكبة (“Catastrophe”)
13th May 2023
Planned protest at Elbit Systems
1st May 2023
28th April 2023
Local and Mayoral Elections: Community Cohesion is paramount
27th April 2023
Eid Mubarak ✨🌙
21st April 2023
Eid Al-Fitr 2023/1444 Salaah times
21st April 2023
FMO Community Social Day
14th April 2023
Interfaith Iftar at OWMA
2nd April 2023
Humza Yousaf – First Minister of Scotland
27th March 2023
Ramadhan Guidance for Schools
24th March 2023
Ramadhan Mubarak from the FMO
23rd March 2023
Ramadhan Salah al-Taraweeh prayer facilities for Sisters in ...
22nd March 2023
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle during Ramadhan
22nd March 2023
Opening address from the newly elected chair of the Federati...
5th February 2023
Let Us Renew Our Pledges to Work Together to Defeat Extremism
18th October 2021
New Syrian arrival a smashing success with 9 A* GCSEs
5th October 2021
6th August 2021
Dying Matters
12th May 2021
International Women’s Day
5th March 2021
Mosque in Leicester
Celebrating Our Community in Leicester
18th December 2020
Rabbi Shmuli-Pink (left), Suleman Nagdi (right)
Hate Has No Place in Our City. Not Now. Not Ever.
12th October 2020
The logo for the Muslim Burial Council Of Leicestershire which displays the grey letters M B C O L with a green stencil pattern above and below.
Respecting Burial Practices During COVID-19
12th May 2020
Graphic shows white mosque on blue background and text running along bottom says, 'Supporting Our NHS'.
Ramadan: Coming together in spirit
29th April 2020
Ramadan 2020 Reminders
20th April 2020
Signatories to the 'One United Leicester' declaration at the launch event.
‘One United Leicester’: Making a declaration of unity
1st April 2020
FMO guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19)
16th March 2020
Suleman Nagdi being interviewed about FGM on ITV Central. Image courtesy of ITV Central.
The simple act that can create great change
25th February 2020
Terrence (centre right) with Oldham College students on the day they brought him a Christmas tree.
Holiday spirit: Humanity and tolerance bring us together
23rd December 2019
FMO mark National Hate Crime Awareness Week
16th October 2019
A Thank You To Our United Community
21st March 2019
The Goodwood Islamic Centre: A wonderful addition to our community!
26th February 2019
Get Involved With #VisitMyMosque Day
12th February 2019
Safer Giving: How to Make Sure A Charity Is Legitimate Befor...
28th January 2019
A Diverse Community Needs A Diverse Police Force
11th January 2019
FMO At 35: Looking Back On Over Three Decades Of Empowerment
21st December 2018
Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar: Muslims Making History in The ...
23rd November 2018
Leicester Faith Leaders Pay Tribute to Victims of US Synagog...
19th November 2018
How the Commonwealth Contribution to WW1 Helped Shape Modern...
14th November 2018
Get Involved with Interfaith Week UK
13th November 2018
Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha: An Inspiring Legacy of Charity and...
2nd November 2018
National Hate Crime Awareness Week: Celebrating Diversity in...
19th October 2018
We’ve Come a Long Way
1st October 2018
Rainbows Bubble Rush Leicester: It’s Time to Get Training
21st September 2018
London Bridge Terror Attack Heroes Awarded for ‘Outstandin...
27th July 2018
Leicester is Leading the Way in Tackling the Diabetes Crisis...
6th July 2018
World Cup
The World Cup Has the Power to Unite Us All, But Can it Tran...
26th June 2018
The Policing Awards
It’s Time to Honour Volunteers at The Policing Awards
15th June 2018
Ramadan: A time to celebrate the UK’s cultural diversity
4th June 2018
The Best Way to Stamp Out Inequality is to Get Involved
21st May 2018
The Commonwealth is a Cornerstone of Interfaith Cooperation
1st May 2018
Holocaust Remembrance Day Reminds Us of the Importance of In...
12th April 2018
Leicester Explosion: A Tragic Event That Cannot Be Used to Divide Us
16th March 2018
The FMO condemns the massacre in Eastern Ghouta, Syria
2nd March 2018
Open Doors, Open Mosques, Open Communities: Visit My Mosque Day
28th February 2018
The ‘British Dream’ – it’s there if you want it
15th February 2018
Interfaith Harmony Week: We Have More In Common Than You Think
6th February 2018
You only realise what you have when it’s no longer there
25th January 2018
A diverse city is strength
24th January 2018
When it comes to solving grievances, local communities need to help
4th January 2018
How Christmas in an interfaith household fosters mutual respect
28th December 2017
Interfaith relations and collaboration: The Archbishop of Ca...
24th December 2017
Jerusalem: Interfaith relations are vital for a more peaceful future
18th December 2017
Rohingya Crisis: More UK Aid and a Papal Visit Sends a Power...
11th December 2017
Faiths, Forces and Food: Leicester at its Best
20th November 2017
Leicester hate crime: we must remain united
13th November 2017
Sacrifice and Service: Remembering War, Commemorating Peace
9th November 2017
Engagement is Key to Improving the Prevent Strategy
7th November 2017
The Liberation of Raqqa Should Galvanise us against Extremism
26th October 2017
The practice of mindfulness on International Day of Peace
21st September 2017
70 years since the Independence of India
13th September 2017
Solidarity with the Rohingya
8th September 2017
Eid al-Adha: A Moment for Interfaith Relations
1st September 2017
Islamophobia: Tackling it is everyone’s responsibility
24th August 2017
Islam is not Daesh
5th August 2017
Changing the World: The Pioneering Muslims Building the Future
26th July 2017
Here’s Why Conspiracy Theories are a Waste of Time
20th July 2017
Here’s What We Can Learn on International Mandela Day
18th July 2017
Daesh is Driven out of Mosul but its Ideology Remains
14th July 2017
Individuals United as One: The New Muslim Community
10th July 2017
British Muslims share the nation’s disgust at recent terror attacks
4th July 2017
Press release: The FMO Condemns Last Night’s Attack in Finsbury
19th June 2017
The Legacy of Jo Cox: Interfaith Communication and Cohesion
16th June 2017
Ramadan: Global Unity, Community Cohesion
15th June 2017
Ramadan: The FMO is working with charities across the UK
7th June 2017
Terror attacks in Baghdad and Kabul during Ramadan: We will ...
2nd June 2017
A Blessed and Peaceful Ramadan from The Federation of Muslim...
31st May 2017
The FMO condemns the Manchester attacks and calls for unity
25th May 2017
Prince Charles
Prince Charles’s Call for Breaking Down Barriers is a Welcome Move
22nd May 2017
This Leicester Café has Become a Shining Example of Islamic Peace
18th May 2017
The International Day of Families: Building Identity and Belonging
15th May 2017
Happy Easter: A Time For All Of Us To Come Together To Celebrate Life
16th April 2017
The London Terror Attack: British Muslim Groups are United A...
23rd March 2017
British Muslims
Extremely British Muslims: The Rules are What You Make of Them
20th March 2017
A Play Educating Children About Extremism Tours Leicestershi...
20th March 2017
The Syrian Conflict Six Years On: A Time for Reflection and Action
15th March 2017
The Muslims Leading Support for American Jews and Prompting ...
7th March 2017
Knowledge is the great defence against Daesh
28th February 2017
Iranian Film
London to Display Diversity by Screening Oscar-Nominated Iranian Film
24th February 2017
Holocaust Memorial Day: A Time to Reflect and Stand United f...
27th January 2017
Arab Youth: An Educated Generation Rejecting Radicalism
19th December 2016
Aleppo’s Humanitarian Crisis: You Can Help, This Winter
16th December 2016
Leicester anti-Daesh campaign
26th November 2016
Britain Owes so Much to Muslims
11th November 2016
Remembering Mohammed Saleem
Three Years On: Remembering Mohammed Saleem
28th October 2016
Leicester’S Religious Communities Stand Together Against Hate Crime
7th October 2016
Stop this senseless sectarian violence
2nd October 2016
Interfaith social action partnership
2nd October 2016
Gateway College official opening of ‘Reflection Room’
27th September 2016
Leicester Heart Scanner Appeal 2016
23rd September 2016
Press Statement from the Federation of Muslim Organisations
6th September 2016
Mohamed Farah and Olympic Gold
14th August 2016
Murder of imam in New York
14th August 2016
CEASE – The Commitment to Eradicate Abuse and Sexual E...
7th February 2016
Visit by Rt Hon Earl Howe – Minister of State for Defence
6th February 2016
“Richard III, and now top of the league: a Midlands ci...
23rd December 2015
Proposed regulation of Madrassah’s – corresponde...
23rd December 2015
Donald Trump’s call for Muslims to be barred from US w...
10th December 2015
Funeral of tragic A46 couple Shahbaz Bhim and Sana Sutaria h...
9th December 2015
‘Jon Ashworth the only MP from Leicester and Leicester...
3rd December 2015
UK to participate in air strikes on Syria
2nd December 2015
Visit by Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Departmen...
30th November 2015
We support action on climate change
29th November 2015
First Person: ‘We understand the anger and the hurt af...
19th November 2015
We are #AntiTheIS in all its guises and names
17th November 2015
BBC East Midlands Today | report on open meeting organised b...
16th November 2015
BBC Radio Leicester Interview
15th November 2015
Paris attacks
14th November 2015
Armistice Day
11th November 2015
Concern over unrest at Masjid Al-Aqsa
19th October 2015
Hajj incident
19th October 2015
Statement On Religious Supplementary Schools
19th October 2015
Ankara blasts
11th October 2015
Free Basic Life Support Training
21st September 2015
Toiletries collection for refugee and asylum seekers
16th September 2015
‘Hope not Hate’ – Join us for a Cuppa & Cake
16th September 2015
Universal Tolerance Organization (UTO) Tolerance Forum
14th September 2015
The High Sheriff’s Magna Carta Justice Service
13th September 2015
BBC Inside Out – feature on extremism
13th September 2015
Makkah crane incident
12th September 2015
FMO attendance at Oslo Conference on ‘Extremism in the...
11th September 2015
#Pass it on Leicester – Rik Basra Leukaemia Campaign
8th September 2015
A Vigil of Remembrance and Solidarity for Refugees
6th September 2015
FMO pleased to support #PassItOnLeicester and the Rik Basra ...
1st September 2015
Rik Basra Leukaemia Campaign’s #PassItOnLeicester
1st September 2015
Indian Overseas Congress UK celebration of India’s Independence
28th August 2015
FMO supports #PassItOnLeicester
27th August 2015
‘Muslims come together to celebrate the festival of Eid’
18th July 2015
Eid Mubarak
17th July 2015
16th July 2015
Community Iftar at Al-Aqsa Community Centre
12th July 2015
“New #FightBackStartsHere campaign against extremism l...
12th July 2015
David Haines and Alan Henning families urge fightback agains...
9th July 2015
9th July 2015
School Visit Helps Build Bridges
30th April 2015
FMO | YouElect Hustings 2015 for Leicester South
28th April 2015
General Election 2015 – Use Your Vote!
21st April 2015
Letter from Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to the Monks of St. Katheri...
7th April 2015
Press release – Massacre at Kenyan University
7th April 2015
Press Release – Grand Mufti of Lebanon visit to Masjid Al Falah
26th March 2015
A gathering of Jewish and Muslim friends
24th March 2015
Heraldic shields to commemorate thereinterment of King Richard III
24th March 2015
Yemen bombings
21st March 2015
FMO Condemns Pakistan church murders
18th March 2015
Balloon Launching Event for Syria
18th March 2015
One Voice Community Event
13th March 2015
‘Leicester community – £90,000 funding cut’
12th March 2015
Syria Aid Awareness
11th March 2015
Quarterly Monitoring Reports
11th March 2015
The Leveson Inquiry
11th March 2015
Commission Submissions
11th March 2015
Yelvertoft Congregational Church welcomes talk on Islam
9th March 2015
Re-introduction of Halal school meals
3rd March 2015
Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service Joint Initiative
19th February 2015
FMO Annual General Meeting
17th February 2015
Scapegoating minorities is so dangerous
13th February 2015
A gathering of Jewish and Muslim friends
10th February 2015
Notice of Annual General Meeting
10th February 2015
Press release – Abbatoir revelations and animal welfare
5th February 2015
Press release – FMO condemns murder of Jordanian pilot
5th February 2015
Freedom and respect
13th January 2015
New Year Messages
1st January 2015
AirAsia flight QZ8501
1st January 2015
Bishop of Leicester – Statement on Peshawar
17th December 2014
Attack on Peshawar School
17th December 2014
Raising Funds for Syria in Leicester’s Communities
1st December 2014
Krishna Avanti School tree planting
20th November 2014
‘Bishop of Leicester The Right Reverend Tim Stevens an...
20th November 2014
Bishop Tim to retire next July
20th November 2014
“Code of practice for religious schools shelved”
24th October 2014
The Crisis of ISIS: A Prophetic Prediction | Sermon by Hamza Yusuf
11th October 2014
Reception at Downing Street
9th October 2014
“Hear us now – Young Brits denounce jihad savages”
8th October 2014
Hisham Folkard was a teenager in Leicester, before becoming...
7th October 2014
Alan Henning
4th October 2014
Eid Mubarak
3rd October 2014
Press Release – Release of Moazzam Begg from detention
3rd October 2014
Eid greetings from Jon Ashworth MP
2nd October 2014
Statement on air strikes against ISIS – from Jonathan ...
28th September 2014
“In the House: Nicky Morgan MP on Britain’s air ...
28th September 2014
RAF war planes
27th September 2014
Press Release – UK to launch air strikes
26th September 2014
Article by Sir Vincent Fean on the need for UK recognition o...
18th September 2014
‘A. Henning: British Muslim leaders call on Isis to re...
18th September 2014
‘Wrong to use “Islamic State” name’
14th September 2014
Gang of four that burgled places of worship sent to custody
12th September 2014
“The Stones Cry Out” – Voices of the Pales...
11th September 2014
Jon Ashworth’s article in the New Statesman on his vis...
11th September 2014
“Footpaths” group at Manara
11th September 2014
Letter from Ofsted
11th September 2014
Sir Vincent Fean Visits Leicester
8th September 2014
Press Release from Jon Ashworth MP
28th August 2014
Halal School Meals
23rd August 2014
BBC Radio Leicester interview murder of James Foley
23rd August 2014
Murder of James Foley
21st August 2014
Accident on Hijrah Road, Medinah
8th August 2014
Continued IS Group (formerly ISIS) Offensive
7th August 2014
Baroness Warsi Resigns
6th August 2014
Temporary truce only a small first step
5th August 2014
Muslim community remembers sacrifices of WW1
4th August 2014
Anger over attack on UN School
3rd August 2014
Letter from Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP on the crisis in Gaza
2nd August 2014
FMO’s ‘One Leicester’ peace flag presented...
30th July 2014
City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby’s letter to Prime Minister
30th July 2014
FMO’s ‘One Leicester’ Peace flag presented...
30th July 2014
Gaza Peace Flag
29th July 2014
Eid Mubarak message from Jon Ashworth MP
27th July 2014
The Children of Gaza
27th July 2014
Rt Hon MP Keith Vaz on Gaza and Flag Signing
26th July 2014
Jon Ashworth MP and Police Officers join the fasting
26th July 2014
Salaah Ud Deen Khutba
25th July 2014
24th July 2014
Sisters Show – Making the most of Ramadhan
24th July 2014
Jon Ashworth MP: Latest statement on Gaza
24th July 2014
A guide to the land of Al-Aqsa
23rd July 2014
Shaykh ul Hadith Maulana Yusuf Motala | FCPM 2014 (11-20)
23rd July 2014
Tafseer ul Quraan – Surah Yaseen – Part 13
23rd July 2014
“UK Muslim charities shift focus to local aid”
23rd July 2014
Sisters Show – Depression
23rd July 2014
Visiting Masjid Al-Aqsa
22nd July 2014
Leading doctors and scientists denounce Gaza violence
22nd July 2014
Press release from Jon Ashworth MP
22nd July 2014
Tafseer ul Quraan – Surah Yaseen – Part 12
22nd July 2014
Open letter to the Prime Minister
22nd July 2014
Sisters Show – Marriage
22nd July 2014
“Ramadhan food drive set to help needy”
22nd July 2014
Surah Tin and Surah Kahf
21st July 2014
Tafseer ul Quraan – Surah Yaseen – Part 11
21st July 2014
Sisters Show – 99 Names of Allah
21st July 2014
Bus full of books collected for Syrian Children
21st July 2014
Zionist Occupation
20th July 2014
Mamluk rule, Ottoman empire and the rise of Zionism
19th July 2014
Hadeeth and Masjid Al-Aqsa Part 3
18th July 2014
Sisters Show – FCPM 2
18th July 2014
Tributes to faith leader Syed Faiyazuddin Ahmad
18th July 2014
Ibadah and Soceity – Markfield Institute of Higher Education
17th July 2014
MP Jon Ashworth on Gaza
17th July 2014
@SadiqKhan MP, on the spiral of violence in Gaza
17th July 2014
Jon Ashworth supports the Ramadhan food drive
15th July 2014
Letter from Jon Ashworth MP on the Gaza crisis
15th July 2014
Pope Francis Message of Peace | Vatican City
13th July 2014
FMO Radio Ramadhan 102.5 | Ramadhan Message 2014
13th July 2014
Remembering the victims of Srebrenica
10th July 2014
Statement on Gaza
9th July 2014
Press release – Trial verdict on the tragic deaths of ...
23rd June 2014
Online Quran
18th June 2014
First Person: Downgrading of schools raises doubts
16th June 2014
Letter from Bishop of Leicester The Rt Revd Tim Stevens
27th May 2014
Faith bank holidays ‘impractical’
14th May 2014
Press Release – Nigerian abductions
14th May 2014
Press release – Britain First actions condemned
14th May 2014
Baroness Warsi hears communities’ views on integration
13th May 2014
Press Release – Baroness Warsi visits Leicester
7th April 2014
Guidance to affiliates on security
7th February 2014
FMO Press Release: Nelson Mandela Dies
5th December 2013
FMO Annual General Meeting Report 2013
27th November 2013
Bomb found outside Aisha Mosque in Walsall
24th June 2013
Archbishop of Canterbury visits Leicester
24th May 2013
Bangladesh Building Collapse Press Release
7th May 2013
Archbishop of Canterbury Press Release
21st March 2013
Anders Behring Breivik Press Release
24th August 2012
FMO Annual General Meeting Report 1986
17th May 1986

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