Happy Easter: A Time For All Of Us To Come Together To Celebrate Life


On Sunday 16th April, people all around the world will celebrate Easter.

Christians and people of all faiths and none mark the occasion each year, whether it’s in a traditional sense, remembering Jesus as a messenger, or prophet, or an important figure from history, or simply in a more modern or cultural capacity, presenting one another with chocolate eggs or simply eating with friends and family.

The meaning of Easter is known across the globe. The festival – is a worldwide celebration of rebirth, renewal and rebuilding. People look to a brighter future, celebrating new life. As it takes place each spring, there is a feeling of refreshment, of cleaning out the clutter, of shaping the year ahead.

And people all over the world can mark Easter by celebrating hope over hate, the wonder of life – and indeed death – and the cycle of nature.

Eggs are, of course, a symbol of new life and are central to the Easter festival. Many people give or enjoy chocolate eggs at Easter as a sign of renewed life on earth.

Easter is a much-needed and important time of the year for us all, a necessary period of reflection. As terrorists seek to divide and hurt us, we stand together, united against hate. As many recoil from political shakeups or celebrate new directions, we must come together to ensure the brightest possible future for us all.

Easter can provide a focus for this. A time of optimism, of positivity and forward thinking.

Many Muslim families across Britain will come together during this holiday weekend to eat and spend time with each other. It can be a wonderful opportunity to renew relationships and enjoy the company of our loved ones.

Organisations up and down the country will be marking the occasion in countless ways, providing for their local community and helping everyone to celebrate the renewal of life.

We wish you all a happy Easter and hope that it can be a time of joy and laughter.

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