General Election 2015 – Use Your Vote!

Less than two weeks before the General Election on 7 May, the Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) will be holding a hustings for all the candidates in the Leicester South constituency. 

To be held at the Highfields Centre on Friday 24 April, the parliamentary candidates will be invited to share the details of their manifestos, their policy aspirations as well as their visions for the City of Leicester. 

Suleman Nagdi of the FMO said of the meeting, “It is incredibly exciting to have so many candidates coming to join us for this important discussion about the future of our city, and our country. It is the duty of every citizen in the UK to participate in the democratic process, and meetings such as this enable people to cast their votes with a full understanding of what all the parties are offering.”

For more information about the event, please email:
Date: Friday 24th April 2015
Time: 7pm
Venue: Highfields Community Centre, 96 Melbourne Road; Leicester, LE2 0DS

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