“Footpaths” group at Manara

Sent of behalf of Manara Academy

 “Dear Parents, Staff and Friends

As-salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah.

We are pleased to announce the starting of a new “Footpaths” group at Manara this Friday 12th September from 10.30-12.00, in the Science Lab.

‘Footpaths’ is a free, funded programme which aims to help people reduce their carbon footprint (and also save money on energy bills) through meeting informally once a month and discussing and sharing ideas. Research has shown that this approach is effective in helping people reduce their carbon footprint by 20-30%. The local ‘Footpaths’ representatives have been wanting to make connections in the Muslim community, and we hope that we will be able to facilitate this at Manara, inshallah. 

We need to have a commitment from at least 7 people to offer the programme, and so far 5 staff are interested. 

All you need to do is come and chat together! Refreshments will be provided.

The planned meeting dates are:

Friday 12th Sept

Friday 17th October

Friday 21st November 

Friday 12th December

Friday  23rd January 2015

Friday 13th February

Friday 20th March

Please pass on the information to any contacts you think may be interested. 

Here is a link to the main page, and I have also pasted more information below:


Please send a brief reply by email or text 07891 504807 to confirm your interest.

Jazakum Allahu khayran was-salam


Fatima M. D’Oyen, Head Teacher

Manara Academy

Manara Education C.I.C.

Reg. Office: 1 Green Lane Close

Leicester LE5 4NJ


M: 07891 504 807

Reg. No. 7621449


FOOTPATHS is a project designed by Transition Leicester to help us reduce our personal carbon footprints. Groups meet together to support each other, share practical information and also start to address some of the difficulties around making changes to how we live.  We concentrate on what we can do in our own lives and at the local community level. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, Footpaths is designed to support you to go from wherever you are.

People taking part come to a community carbon reduction (Footpaths) group for a series of 7 or 8 meetings covering the topics of home energy, waste and water, consumerism, food and transport. We provide a handbook which contains relevant information about what actions and choices you could make which would reduce your carbon footprint, and references for where to get more information on this. Together the people, meetings and handbook create the opportunity for you to think about what your needs are and how to meet them in a low carbon way. At the end of the meetings you decide together if you want to continue to meet or do other things.

Making changes with other people who are doing the same is easier and more fun than doing it alone and sometimes simply knowing others who are going through the same process helps us. Some changes can be made much more easily by a group which supports each other – for example you can share ideas, sympathy, excitement, tools and skills, recipes and researching information.

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