A Blessed and Peaceful Ramadan from The Federation of Muslim Organisations

As Muslims in Britain and around the world come together to observe Ramadan, the Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) would like to wish you all a peaceful and blessed Holy Month.

It’s estimated that more than 1.6billion Muslims mark Ramadan across our great planet, making it a truly global time of spiritual unity and reflection.

This is a time when our spirituality is heightened and we strive to reap the bounties promised to us by The Almighty by focusing on our prayers, doing good deeds, giving to charity and caring for our families, friends and neighbours. By observing a fast during daylight hours, we become closer to The Almighty and show self-restraint, discipline and peacefulness.

The FMO offers the following guidance to a successful and rewarding Ramadan:


Hydrate and rest as much as possible at permissible times.

Engage in all forms of ibadah, reflection, prayer and take time to reinvigorate ourselves spiritually.

Care for the vulnerable, such as those suffering illnesses, the elderly and young people and those who may not be as fortunate as us.

Acknowledge the immense work of the Masajid for the community, with various programmes and other endeavours across your city.

Show appreciation for the huffaaz for their dedication in the recitation, memorisation and preservation of the Holy Quran across the city, the nation and the world.

Thank our mothers, sisters, families and others who selflessly prepare our meals.

Give to charity generously, but responsibly by donating to genuine local and national registered charities. It is important to ensure we donate safely, and the British government has published a guide to safer giving during Ramadan.

Report any incidents directly to the police; in an emergency, call 999, otherwise call 101.

Walk to the Masjid when possible and park vehicles considerately and without obstruction to others.

Supervise young children to avoid disrupting others in prayers and outside the Masjid vicinity.

After prayers, please avoid congregating outside, especially after Tarawih and Fajr prayers.

Ensure that we go the extra mile to show the beauty of our faith by carrying out our Islamic duty of showing consideration and fairness to our neighbours and the wider community.

Take individual responsibility to share the message with  the Muslim community that our conduct during this blessed month must be conducive to the teachings of Islam and a source of dawah.


Ramadan is a special time for all Muslims. The Holy Month brings us closer to our faith, ourselves and our friends and family. Ramadan Mubarak.

If you are giving to charitable organisations during Ramadan, The FMO accepts donations in order for us to continue our ground-breaking work. You can find out more and contact us here.

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