FMO Radio Ramadhan 102.5 | Ramadhan Message 2014

FMO Radio Ramadhan 102.5 | Ramadhan Message

In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Assalamu Alaykum Wr Wbr

Dear respected Listeners,

We pray that you’re well and in the best of health and as we meet the midway point of the blessed month of Ramadhan it is full of ibadah and spirituality.

Jazak Allah Khayr firstly for listening across the globe and contributing to our annual broadcast. Our thanks extend to our presenters, volunteers, affiliates, associates and sponsors without whom the broadcast would not be possible each year.

May Allah SWT bless the work of each and every broadcast and individual serving their communities this Ramadhan and May The Almighty reward you all abundantly. We would like to mention specifically in this regard the huffaaz across the city and the world for their commitment, preparation and dedication in the blessed month of Ramadhan and for safeguarding the blessed Quran kareem for us all.

For the benefit of our listeners, it has always been our vision in recent years to provide the collective community with a sustained annual broadcast. The current Ofcom regulations are flawed in that they enable at present almost any individual to apply to broadcast locally via a restricted license each Ramadhan. It is for this reason that other regions sadly receive upwards of 20+ applications that are quite simply drawn from a hat and that we therefore chose prudently to work in a long-term partnership within a community license.

Our responsibility therefore primarily as a not for profit umbrella body established for over 30 years representing our local Masajid, Madaris, Charities and other Islamic institutions was to ensure that the community always receive an accountable, bona fide annual broadcast each and every year, as we have endeavoured to from the very onset of Radio Ramadhan.

Furthermore, as an umbrella body we are mindful of our role to supplement the work of our blessed Institutions only as appropriate and remain conducive to this month of Mercy for us all. It is precisely these institutions particularly via our Masajid and Madaris that have built the spiritual foundations for this great city that we all enjoy and as the city grows Alhumdulillah others flock towards.

Our shift in the last few years with the guidance of our Ulema has thus been to focus more on the spiritual aspects of Ramadhan; whilst it is tempting to chase popularity, we feel that this has been more befitting of our role, better encapsulates the essence of Ramadhan and one which we would hope any subsequent executive body will remain steadfast upon.

Lastly from our founding members to this very day we have always prided ourselves as an inclusive, non-sectarian body; this is reflected in our inclusive approach to content and our strict adherence to guidelines framed around working together collaboratively on the common ground in the best interests of the community and safeguarding our shared future.

We are committed as ever to these principles of cohesion in the deen via the broadcast and otherwise long-term in building upon the unity that resides within this great city.  This sense of ummah and local jamiat is one, which is sacred and must be preserved. The very destiny of our community is in Unity working together.

To conclude most pertinently, we reiterate our sadness and condemnation of the tragic events in Gaza at the brutal and disproportionate assault on Gaza. In this blessed month of Ramadan our thoughts are with our Palestinian brothers and sisters, who in the face of merciless Israeli attacks, continue to show their patience, resilience and resolve.

We call upon the international community to put pressure on Israel for the immediate halting of all aggression on Gaza, which includes the lifting of the siege, and insist that Israel allow humanitarian efforts into Gaza to treat the desperate and needy.

We call upon and implore you all in this regard to donate generously to our local charities, sign the government petition on our website, write to your local and national MP’s and join us in making dua that Allah SWT bring peace, harmony and stability to all regions across the world and make each and every contribution this Ramadhan a positive source of propagation of the Deen in service to the community and above all to the servitude of Allah SWT. May Allah SWT protect and guide us all.

We request sincerely forgiveness for any of our failings and deficiencies in our role and we would appreciate your support, feedback and contribution to improve in the future.

Wa alaikum assalam wa rahmatu Allah

Federation of Muslim Organisations

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