Statement on Dhirendra Shastri award and Hindutva

  1. It is a matter of regret that there has been a public circulation of a document signed by the police which was given to Dhirendra Shastri. Upon further enquiries it is not an award or recognition of any kind nor is it an acceptance on the part of the police that they sympathise or support the political views and the hindutva ideology. Whilst we appreciate and understand that this may have caused concern and displeasure, it is not to be viewed as anything more than a simple recognition of the visit by the person concerned in our city.
  1. We do not accept or tolerate any form of extremist standing or extremist political ideology. This applies to the hindutva ideology and we are clear on our opposition to this movement. This Hindutva ideology has roots are embedded with Fascism. We have this ideology in our history that gave the world Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. The Hindutva movement has orchestrated a campaign of terror against minority communities in modern-day India, including Muslims, Christians and Sikhs. This doctrine, has unfortunately, began to take hold in our city, uncoupling the unity and relationships between Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs which have been developed over generations. We reiterate our opposition to such movements and indeed our opposition to any extremist political or religious ideology that seeks to instil hatred and discord in our humanity. Excluding or demonising anyone on the grounds of their religious beliefs or indeed any other characteristic that cannot be justified is not legitimate. Accordingly we will continue to advocate for those that are oppressed under such regimes and such ideologies wherever they exist in the world. We all share a common humanity and this is very important value that we hold on to, and the value that we wish to advance and spread to everyone.
  1. We also remain committed to work tirelessly directly and indirectly, through all of our religious institutions, affiliate member organisations and with all statutory bodies to maintain and foster good community relations. As most are aware, Leicester is  a city with an excellent reputation as a city of unity, harmony and a beacon of multiculturalism. We remain fully committed to this aim and objective and we should not give up. Accordingly, whatever challenges we face we face them together as a collective with tolerance and respect with each other so that we may live in a safe and harmonious community. 

Najeeb Patel, Chair
Federation of Muslim Organisations 

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