Bangladesh Building Collapse Press Release

As the death toll of the collapse of the Sohel Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh today passes 
700, the Federation of Muslim Organisations is saddened and disappointed at this most 
horrific human tragedy. 
Federation PR officer Suleman Nagdi said ‘This tragedy has highlighted the disasters that can 
occur when the greed that individuals pursue for a profit takes precedent over the regard for 
human life. 
We call upon the Bangladeshi government to take whatever legal sanctions possible against 
the proprietor of this building to ensure that this does not take place again in the future. We 
also call upon the British government to put in place even further checks and measures to 
ensure that the companies and countries we import from have safe working conditions in 
We wish to convey at this time our prayers and supplications to all those that have tragically 
perished; those that have been injured; and the people who have lost loved ones and we pray 
that the Almighty give them the patience to overcome this tragedy which will lie in memories 
for many years to come.’ 

Suleman Nagdi 
07759 446555

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