Balloon Launching Event for Syria

Balloon Launching Event – four years on – remember the Syrian people. 

Sunday 15 March 2015

Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO was pleased to support our affiliate, Islamic Relief in its balloon launching event on Sunday 15 March 2015 at Madani High School to mark 4 years into the tragic civil war in Syria.

The war has been heart-breaking; devastating the lives of many millions of ordinary people who have been caught up in the fighting. So many have been killed, injured, displaced and scarred by the unimaginable horrors of war that we pray hostilities end as soon as possible so that ordinary Syrians can start the process of re-building their lives. Throughout the war, charities such as Islamic Relief have played a pivotal and much needed role in providing aid relief to those who desperately need it.

Suleman Nagdi from the FMO said “We ask that people keep the plight of the Syrian people in their minds and continue to make a difference, not by acting on their own initiative as the situation is extremely dangerous and volatile, but by supporting the excellent work of registered charities such as Islamic Relief who have the necessary inroads to provide effective aid”. 

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