Yelvertoft Congregational Church welcomes talk on Islam

9th March 2015

On Thursday 5th March 2015, the Congregational Church in Yelvertoft hosted an event titled ‘Faith through Other Eyes’ in partnership with St Philip’s Centre, Leicester.

The church invited Suleman Nagdi of the Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) to address questions raised by the members on many matters associated with Islam.

Suleman Nagdi said, “The talk in Yelvertoft was part of an ongoing programme which has been delivered to churches across the region. It is an opportunity for congregations to speak openly and honestly about a range of local, national and international issues as well as conversing about matters of theology. I would encourage other interested parties to get in touch with St Philip’s Centre”.

Revd Barry Osborne added, “”Forty minutes flowed past as the group learned about the history of Islam, in what ways it shared common ground with Christianity and what were the key differences.  Most significantly the group was able to better understand what it means to live out one’s faith as a Muslim.  A good humoured question time followed.  The gathering ended with an open discussion on a Bible passage chosen by Suleman.

“There was a unanimous desire to ask for a further visit.  Would we recommend a similar experience to other churches? We most certainly would.  We were blessed.  Looking at other faiths among looking at other Christian traditions has been working well.  I would say that to get the most out of such meetings they should be approached with an open heart.  Sound information leads to better dialogue.  Good dialogue enables better Christian practice.”


For more information:

Suleman Nagdi 07759 446 555

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