Sir Vincent Fean Visits Leicester

08 September 2014

The Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) was pleased to welcome distinguished diplomat Sir Vincent Fean to Leicester today. His most recent post was Consul General to Jerusalem (defacto ambassador to the Occupied Palestinian Territories). We welcomed the opportunity to discuss government policy on issues of serious concern in the wider Middle East including the humanitarian and political crises occurring in Iraq, Syria and the Occupied Palestinian territories.

The talks were fruitful and gave us the opportunity to relay the concerns of the community who are saddened and distressed by the suffering of many millions of people in the region. Moreover, we also discussed the importance of safer charitable giving in the region and why it is important for people to donate money only to those charities with a positive influence given the fact that much money has been sadly lost through various means including the confiscation of humanitarian aid without it reaching those in need. We hope to continue our talks on these issues and would like to re-affirm our message to people that donations for humanitarian causes should and must continue but they must do so with safer charitable giving as the foremost consideration.

Suleman Nagdi

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