Continued IS Group (formerly ISIS) Offensive

The Federation of Muslim Organisations condemns and opposes indisputably the inhumane actions of the IS (Islamic State) Group formerly known as ISIS. 

We are appalled in particular by the IS Group’s abhorrent and unacceptable campaign of murder and violence against communities in Iraq such as those from Christian and Shi’ite backgrounds. To hear that many have been killed and injured whilst hundreds of thousands have also had to flee from their rightful homes, away from the IS Group’s atrocities is truly heartbreaking.

Furthermore, we as Muslims are taught to embrace and respect the concept of humanity from all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds living side by side in peace and harmony across the world historically for thousands of years. This stems from the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) living in harmony alongside those from other faiths, as well as preaching the importance of respect towards all communities. What the IS Group is therefore doing in Iraq is in complete contravention of these tenets of Islam and we urge the IS Group to cease its activities unconditionally with immediate effect.

We share the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon’s statement today in appreciation of the successful humanitarian airdrop and his continuing and deep concern for the safety of civilians. The international community must stand together unequivocally against this and every breach of international law and human rights regardless of the tormentor or the tormented. Life is sacred and thus any atrocities committed have no place in any faith or humanity.

We urge the international community to exhaust all efforts to protect and provide further humanitarian assistance for those who have been the victim’s of the Islamic Group’s remorseless and unjust attacks. 


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