Accident on Hijrah Road, Medinah

It has been reported today sadly that British citizens from the same family including a mother, daughter and her son with close connections to family in Leicester have lost their lives in a horrific accident on their way from Madinah to Makkah to perform Umrah.

Madinah Red Crescent spokesman Nayef Al-Ahmadi said two rapid intervention units and five ambulances rushed to the site on Al-Hijrah Road. Five pilgrims have also been injured, while a sixth has been transferred to hospital in a serious condition.

Please join us in expressing our deepest sympathy and du’a to Allah SWT to grant all of the blessed pilgrims the highest status in Jannah amongst the Righteous with only ease and comfort. May Allah SWT also provide those who are injured shifa and the entire family sabr and contentment on the decree of Allah in these testing times.

Source: @Riyadhvision

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