Temporary truce only a small first step

The Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) feels that the actions of the Israeli government have resulted in long lasting damage which no temporary ceasefire can mask. The 72 hour break has enabled the people of Gaza to return to assess their homes but already it is clear that the world has much to ponder over the events in Gaza.

Suleman Nagdi of the FMO said, “Israel has used indiscriminate force against civilians in Gaza. As a result nearly 2000 people have died and many thousands are homeless. The UN’s Human Rights lead Navi Pillay has already commented on possible war crimes which may have been committed and so the international community need to investigate this immediately. On top of the grief families in Gaza are feeling, they are also without basic infrastructure such as power and there have been further reports of shortages of food and medicine. If countries of the world are to be serious about promoting peace and justice, they need look no further than this crisis and the inability of the international community to stop a country from using unrelenting violence against civilians. I urge Israel, Egypt and other interested parties to now lift the unjust blockade on Gaza so that the process of rebuilding can begin”.


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