Krishna Avanti School tree planting

It was lovely to meet old friends from different faith backgrounds at Krishna Avanti Primary School in Leicester today, we are indebted to our friends Pradip and Nima and to the Principal, Mary Lawson who presented us with the opportunity to plant a cherry tree in the school grounds.

Krishna Avanti Primary School has created a garden of reflection and remembrance in declaring that peace and harmony is achieved through respect and understanding of our differences. The garden will become a living lasting testament of this. 

Opportunity was given to members of different faiths to plant a number of trees.  

Suleman Nagdi from the FMO, spoke about the saying our Prophet (peace be upon him): 

“Never does a Muslim plant a tree, except that, he earns the reward of charity because what is eaten from it; what the wild beasts eat out of it, what the birds eat out of it, and what people take from it is charity for him.  He went on to say that this further “describes the reward for planting a tree to that of charity.” The saying goes on to describe the charity as being realised through the tree provides for humans and animals. We can extend the meaning of the this by other benefits provided to people, animals and the environment”.

In regards to the wonderful children, Suleman commented that  “Islam teaches us that one must seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave. Knowledge that is gained through good institutions and is pursued and practiced with modesty with humility leads to beauty and dignity, freedom and justice”. 

Suleman added “I wish the school the very best for the future and trust that the children are inspired with great ideas and use their knowledge for the better of humanity”.

It is these friendships and bonds which transcend our respective faiths that have made Leicester the beacon of diversity in this country and which are the essential foundations of society we must work hard to establish.

Federation of Muslim Organisations

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